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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
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It is sunday, it is my so called "Family Day"
yay :D
Because it a day where i can hangout with both of my brothers.

Went to 1Utama, IKEA.
We need to start looking for furniture/decorations for our house,
and of cause my own room too ^^

I loves reading home decorate's magazine,
so of cause hanging&walking around IKEA made me excited too!

By the way,
I likes "THE CURVE"!
Bought a cute belt there.

Wow, i guess sunday really is the family day.
The cafeteria is superrr packed.
& even the Icecream stall have this long long line too ;'(

About to buy this set of cute glasses,
but too bad something change our mind.

Left around 5pm,
because we need to go hiking!

This time, i am getting better.
I mean, it takes me shorter time to went all the way to the top.

Eating cold&sweet watermelon after we done hiking was soooooooooooooo good&refreshing!

After hiking, went home & shower & get prepared for dinner!

Steamboat @ Yulek.

Packed again?
Yoke said they have this tasty soup, that is why they're famous.

it really is "imposisble mission" to dine out with kids.

Steamboat dinner made me sweat @ @"

Therefore, i said, lets go for ice!
so, here is our after dinner's dessert time.

Wanna order Tiramisu,
ehhhh they don't have it.

So, we ordered this, Cheese Cake.

So not cheese cake flavor at all ;'(

I guess, it is really hard to find a good cheesecake at Malaysia, right?

Well, New York City have a bunch!
i misses the city ;'(

Mango Ice.
Chocolate flake as a topping, kinda not match.

Sesame flavor!
Yumm yummmmmm ;')
actually, too many sesame seeds too.

This is the belt i purchase today @ the Curve.
Red x black, perfect match.
It only cost RM $22.90.

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