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Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Oh Boy i misses those winter time drinking hot coco w u
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Oh Boy, Oh Astroboy.
How silly are you.

Lately, he been trying to self-make "Hot Chocolate" & "Tiramisu"

...? Huh..Why?

Because I loves drinking Hot Chocolate during winter time,
& my favorite dessert is Tiramisu.

Yups, that is. That is the reason.

He tried to learn to cook/make every foods i adore!
So then while i am back to him & New York City,
I will smile real big of every effort he have made, just for me.

Hey, I ain't the one telling him to do all this.

I seriously have to stop this guy before he spoil me like nobody business.
Yet, I'm so enjoying of this.

I afraid, one day
i will be drown into all of his loves action,
and addict to these.