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Monday, October 18, 2010
of what loves will make someone do
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My lovely New York friend,Ms.Phibbie, mentioned how sweet my Astroboy was,
that makes him smile so big while i told him about this.

It remind me of those many silly little things he did, even sweeter than candies!

Thanks you, my boy.
Hearing you say those three words every single day&night makes me smile, from bottom of my heart.

Among of those hundred things,
those are some moment i find it very sweet of what you have did,
and of cause a lots more, but i just kinda can't remember now.
Ha :P

So, yeah, this silly boy smile like a "dumbo" is my Astroboy.

Although we're 22 hours away,
We skype with each other more than 5 hours per day,
during morning while i just got up,
& every night before i sleep.
Actually, we even skype after sleep too, just to feel that we're near each other.

If i am not on skype,
he will call me for sure, just to say "good morning" to me.

He will even sneak out during work,
just to call me & say "goodnight" before i fall in sleep.

This silly guy will wait & talk to me & sleep at 3pm every midnight,
& get up 4 hour later to skype with me,
because i will reach home around 7am/pm.

Babe, please don't hurt your body like this.
I rather you sleep& rest more.

I know you just rather spend quality time with me,
but.. but... don't, okay?

In summer,
He even try to make my favorite soup "Clam Chowder!"
Wow, i must say,
although it was his first time making it,
but it taste damn good :')

Oh, he always make my favorite "Ceasar Salad" too!
with shrimp on it.
One time, i remembered,
he make shrimp ceasar salad, and put it in lunch box
& bring to college for me.

Yes, i was so touch that day.
The best shrimp salad i ever have.

He know i loves drinking hot chocolate in the winter,
& favorite dessert is Tiramisu.
Therefore he try to make it.
I said:" Hey, we can always buy those from store or starbucks!"
He refused. He start mixing flour & beating egg, & all those...

Well, of what he said,
his own make "Hot chocolate" was even better than starbucks!
& but tiramisu was just okayy.

To be frank, i was amaze, of what he did.

One time, we have this argument.
Then, he make this.
His "I am sorry" self-make video.

I am still confused, of how he make all those coins thing.

I wonder, how long you been prepare and making it?

One month anniversary's video from him.

He did those, based on a movie we both watched together.
Ha. I laughed while i saw this video & what he did.

UGHHHH seriously,
you look real dump & ugly during that moment.

Last night,
this silly boy almost freak me out.

We skype-sleep last night around 1pm,
and he tell me don't turn off the skype even if i fall in sleep.
Well, i was sleeping like a pig, so i totally forgot about him and skype.
During midnight, i was moving around,
then, i heard this voice asking nervously :"Babe, are you okay?"
I am like, :"WTF?"
But, i still fall back to sleep as usual. LOL
So when i get up this morning,
i noticed my screen was still his's face.
Obviously, the skype still on. & he never close/turn it off since last night.

Oh my, this silly boy knew that i have a scary dream before last night,
so he tried to accompany me whole night during sleep,
so i won't feel fear at all if i have scary dream again.

GOSHH. I'm gonna kill you if u do this again, okay?
Because i rather you do something else,
BUT not watching me sleep & stare at the screen whole day.

but, Babe,
of all those things you did.

I can scream and tell you out loud,
I honestly already likes you alots, alotsssssss& alotsssssssssss already!

thanks x1000000000s ^^