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Thursday, October 28, 2010
♥ girls night out & girls talk
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Last night,
finally get to meet my long time no see's gals ♥
gosh, i miss gossip-ing w them,
it loads of fun & lauughhhhh!

1 & half hour car ride made me sleepy& starving!
We went Subang, a college's hot spot
where it just next to Taylor & indi's internation college.

so it explain why most of the cafe there is packed & looking fun at night.

I ordered this huge ass watermelon juice!
ha :D

Malaysia is amazing,
because they have all these fresh fruits :')

At first, we don't even know what to order.
We circle the food court for almost 15 minutes & only order 1 shanghai dumplings.
So then, i ordered some handroll for myself
& my gal order a japanese ramen.

After we get to the table,
everybody is ordering something else
which make our table full of foods.
Totally my favorite :)
Ha ^^

This foodcourt is awesome.
They have different stall for korean cuisine,japanese,chinese,italian,pizza, and alots more!
well, just don't expect those will taste the same like the restaurant okay.

we talked so much.
our primary school's most funniest and memorable scene,
the teachers, the classmates...

oh boy, those memory are precious.

we have our secret talk about love life :')
totally enjoying our heart talk conversation.

& must mentioned!
first time meeting mimi's boyfren.
WOW. her really first boyfren ever.

four of us goes to the same primary school for 6 years,
except a new girl i just met last night,
she is their high school's friends.

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