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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Hiking & Family dinner
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Again, my favorite Sunday aka "Family Day" to me :')

Older brother decided to go hiking,
because we always felt easily tired&drowsy during day time, all the time.
So, we want to do some exercise/sport, well at least to have a healthier body.

My first time hiking, excited? of cause!!

It wasn't that hard as i thought will be.
We choose the shorter path, because we're still beginner about this.
I am so weak, i need to rest every 10 minutes ;D

Reach the hill/top! After around 30minutes, i think.

Awwww man. It felt so good&comfy on the top of hill,
because the wind is very refreshing.

I laughed, when i saw those different things applicable for people to use/play at there.
Such as, hola-hoop you saw in this photo.
& weight lifters, & a lots more!

Oh my childhood favorite swing. I wanna play too...

So weird! They even have a mirror there. Huh?
Seriously, what is this mirror doing at the hill ><" Oh, yea, i know, you might wonder why I even wanna bring my cam while hiking. Because it my first time hiking! LOL

With my dear older brother who is still bald. Ha :P

Around 6pm,
Went back home & take shower & go out to dinner with both brothers & their lovers& my adorable nephews :')

Older brother suggested this place.
Thai cuisine, wood restaurant built on the lake.
Fresh fishes catch right away from it.

So cute.
It have different stalls specialist on different things.

This stall above is for beverages.

Some are only responsible for fish, some for crab, some for vegetable, etc...

Older brother & his girlfriend, & girlfriend's niece;
Second brother & his wife, with my adorable nephew ;')

Damn. This place is mad crowded.
Almost every table was full.

Hmm. Although some said this fish was just okay,
but i think it taste good ^^

My favorite dish of the night.

Total amount : RM $270, for 6 or 7 dishes.

If every Sunday will be like this day,
I will be really really really happy ;')

Family joy* are just simply irreplaceable.