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Sunday, October 10, 2010
Happy Shopping ^^
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That evening,
With myself, happy day happy shopping :')

(at my favorite Zara)

OOPS, i am getting chubbier :P

You might ask :"Huh? only 1 person?"
I will said:"Yes, only 1 person, only me. Because i enjoy the joy shopping alone, because i can just go in to any store all i want. I think it is fun!"

First, went to Sungai Wang, Watson.

Kate's eye shadow was doing this promotion "Buy 1 free 1"

Bought the tiny package of Dove's new product for hair "Leave on Cream"
I need a hair treatment. My hair are mostly damage now ;'(

Later, walk to Lot 10.

Found new love here.
which is Debenhams, a brand from England ^_^

Totally in love& adore the store, the products,
because it is so me, of what i love.

Of cause, the price ain't cheap too ;'(

I almost SCREAM while i first saw this shoes hang in the front of the store.

Finally, i found one shoes i really really love in Malaysia.
& they have last pair of my size!

I don't care. I must purchase it!
&Yes, i did. :')

I must bring this cute brown bag home SOON!
But it cost around RM$200-$250.
Gotta think twice ugh ><"
Awwwww. Such a cute cardigan.
I wish i can own it too, too bad i can't.
It cost way too much. Around RM195?

On the way to Pavilion.

Bought a couple tank top @ Cotton On.
Because it so cheap!
Only 2 for RM29.

Hello, my new shoes :')
I am glad i bought you home. Ha :D