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Wednesday, October 20, 2010
The Girl with the dragon tattoo
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A English-Chinese translation fiction.

Great&fascinating& interesting storyline!

It was award-winning crime novel by Swedish author ,
& have widely sold in Europe countries for more than 800,000 copies.
Definitely became a posthumous best-seller in several countries.

Have three episode for this series,
this is the first one.

No doubt, i will purchase the other 2 episode.

Frankly, i was really bored with the beginning story, till the middle.
I once stop reading it, because i found nothing really catch my eye.

One night at grandma's house, i was bored, so i decided to finished it.

It get excited starting by the middle part.

Mostly, the story was about a young girl, who disappears in a village.
An old &rich man who always treated her like a daughter was so sad,
and confused of where did she go, what happened to her?
Therefore, he hire one guy to discover this unknown disappearing of that unfounded girl.
so, detective game begin. That is where the fun is.

Turnout, the one who kidnap this cute girl, was a family member.
To be clear, i must said, actually it was her older brother.


&more miserable, her daddy used to raped her,
even forced the older brother to do the samething too.

Which, make the brother turn out to be a woman's killer,
after of what terrible things his father taught him.

This book is totally highly recommend!