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Monday, October 4, 2010
Genting again ugh :/
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Last night, went to Genting Highlands again.

This time, i am going with my best friend&her bf.
First time meeting him.
Yups, just like what Queenie said, that is true, he is a little chubby now.
hahas xD

While waiting for Queenie & skype with Astroboy.

Thanks for always accompany me during the bored wait ;')

Reach there around 5pm.
Luckily, it is not as crowded as last time, while it was public holiday.

My first meal of the day, at 5pm! UGHHH :/
I am starving, super superrrr!

I ordered Roasted Chicken Rice.
EWWWW. Nasty. Well not really that nasty.
But not tasty at all = ="

Thanks to Queenie's bf's boss who treat us this meal.

Me & Queenie start walking around trying to waste the time,
while his bf and the boss gamble in the casino.

Basically, we just walk super slow, and go into every possible store,
hoping the time can go faster so then we can get out of this place.

Saw this. Wow, i think it was amazing.
The self-portrait looks exactly like the picture in the computer.
Actually, we thinks it look even better!

But, it was pricey to draw something like this.
Around RM180, that what we heard.

That drawing totally reminds me of our funny portrait,
where we took at Times Square, at New York City.
The last couple weeks, before i left the county :(

I hope you still take good care of the drawing,
so hopefully one day we will hang it up on the wall,
and laugh at it together ^o^

Went into a chocolate store, and saw so many chocolate's brand that i likes
such as lindt, cadbury, todxxx, and more!

& found this big lollipop.
I really wish i can send u all those things.

& this too.
I know you will laugh so big when you see this fake boobies.
Haha xD
and it was soooo soft and funny.

What can i say?
We are just super bored so we start doing all those silly shots :P

Holding & eating my favorite dried fish fillet :)
Queenie said i eat non-stop lol
I agree.

Finally, a proper not-bad photo of us ^_*

She is sooo skinny and tiny,
i look huge next to her LOL

Seriously gotta stop eating non-stop, right?

How silly are we. Real silly, right?
Ha :D

I was like, yay it is Chicken Wings!
But EWWWWWWWWW again ;'(
it taste so bad.
The worst sauce ever.
& expensive too.

Leave at 10pm night.

Goodbye Genting Highlands.

It was cold at night there!
Lucky me&queenie bought a really cute&smooth scarf to keep ourself warm :)

Thanks Queennie&his bf who need to drive me all the way back to Ampang,
seafood dinner next time?