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Monday, September 6, 2010
whohoooo it came!
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"True Happiness" happened, last night :)

finally..seriously, like finally!
my 4th month anniversary gifts finally arrived, from new york city :D

while we both thought the package might send lost,
i went home after work, open my room door ..
and BOOOM! it is there lying on the floor
i am like a real happy kid keep jumping on the floor shouting "yay it came!yayy!"
dumb? i agree. Ha

while i first open it,
i saw how you stick a couple post-it on the box,
the first thing came to my mind was,
"goshhh we really think & do alike! don't we?"

Happy August 29th!

although we weren't with each other during this special day,
it doesn't matter right?
because we both have put in real effort try to make each other happy for every 29th.
that is what matter.

yes, i do super miss you (...shy&smiling :D)

i love our anniversary album that you made.
i love i loveee the cover photo,
i still remembered it was taken @ Gusto, during our 2nd month Anniversary.

aww i love how you are so thoughtful and made me another Hong Kong trip album
because u know how much i enjoy this Hong Kong trip
because u know much i love all my beloved friends
because u know how happy i was in that month..

thanks ^^

yes,you are so right.
i fall in love with this card, with this photo right away while i saw it.

i really miss new york city.

i used to hate snow day there,
now when i think about it, it is been the most prettiest scene i ever saw whenever it snow.

snow and kissing on the street, used to be your favorite memory.
it is one of mine too actually.

ha you're real dumb

i know i do mentioned that i likes reading comic,
but babe, i hate reading English,
don't you know?

haha so nomore english books okay?

the necklace..
hmm,.. what should i say...
i'll try to wear it somedays okay?

thanks thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :)

now, actually, i start dreaming about my next gifts
i know i'll love it because it have my cute short and shoes ^^

gofshh you are 1000000s times cuter while you're little
like, super duperrr cute!

i will chase you. if you still look like this.