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Saturday, September 25, 2010
Goodbye Hospital
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Current Mood: Smiling :)

Because i am here typing this blog now, at my new king size bed,
of cause, at my home! :D


Grandma mostly will discharge tomorrow if she do well.

I feel super happy/relieved knowing that i get to leave this "freak me out" hospital.

it freak me out, because the nurses have non-professional & bad services,
also, they charge people extra money for silly things,

& WTF?
just continue to scroll down and you'll know what i means.

This afternoon, it was heavily raining.
After i bought my lunch, on the way walking back to grandma's room.
Guess what i saw.

The treatment room next to my grandma's room is super wet,
the water are over on the floor,
cleaning ladies busy cleaning it and place container around the spot where the water drop at.
The ceiling is leaking water.

Gosh. seriously, what the!?

This is a hospital, how can such those silly things happened?

Lucky it wasn't leaking at my Grandma's room or any other patient's room.

If not, things will really get worse.

The Disaster Area.

This room used to be a medicine room.
Because mostly nurses will come here to get medicine or needle or whatever for patients.

I guess some medicines already gone bad.

This is my lovely Grandma who i think was a brave lady,
and my forever love :')

Oh yea, sometimes she took off her fake teeth & will become a no-teeth old lady
Ha :D

lets end those depressed hospital blog here.

Byebye, Mawar Hospital!