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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Those precious moment of the month of MAY
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today while i was sky-ping with Astroboy,
a facebook photo thing pop up on my right bar,
i soon realized it was my album, of MAY, 2010

I clicked,
photos all pop up,
those precious memories soon hit my mind.

i never realized, i was so happy in New York City,
i never realized, i really fall in love with the city i used to hate.

So, I decide to upload those old photos,
&bring you guys back to the summer that I have bunch of fun!

Union Square.
One of the college hot spot where most students love to chill around at.

Me, myself love this place, love this park too.

I love those stalls.
You can always find creative things/handmade stuff there.

Almost, every New Yorker is obsessed with Starbuck's
So do i!

It was a must for me to get a "Rasberry passion fruit lemon-aid" under the hot summer days.

I always said:"Can one day you made me strawberry chocolate dip?"
You said:" Oh yell, not a problem!"

That day, during our date,
he(astroboy) was late, & i was a little mad.

He soon took out a jar from his bag, and put it in my hand.

He really made me Strawberry Chocolate Dip :')

Although some chocolate melt already, although the chocolate was way too sweet,
it immediately hang up a super big smile on my face.

Awwwww. Those moment was sweet, isn't it?

Fake wood flower for dear mama, on Mother's Day.
& the photo frame things of me&sister kissing her :)

My mama loves this gift. I can tell.

The very first time, attended a Hong Kong celebrity's church concert.
My lovely friends make the day a blast, and i enjoyed it so much
& i couldn't stop smiling and laughing.

"Crumbs" seriously do have the best cupcakes, among of what i tried so far.
It cost only around $2.75 each one.

This day was kinda special to me.

It was my first time, attending Astroboy's family gathering.
It was a bit scary.
Luckily, he accompany me the entire noon which i felt protected.
Thanks God i survived that day!

Oh my, Oh my.
My favorite eel sushi, and Korean/Japanese Barbeque @ St Mark.

I remembered we used to walked in to every bakery store that attract us.
I really wish every gal should have try macaroon, it taste mad good.
It can melt your heart :D

That evening,
we spot something really special.

A newly wed couple sat in the horse ride,
to make their grand entrance for the wedding.

I thought this happened in the fairytale story/movies.

Oh well, i guess i was wrong.

Oh well, i wish my wedding will be a blast like their's too!

Me& Astroboy both soon walked in to the church where the newly wed couple went.
Awwwwww. It was beautiful.
The church was gorgeous.

The duper cute Japanese baby we kept playing with.

Gosh, i secretly wish my children will be this cute (inside my mind :P)

One of my/our favorite things to do.
Sit on the sidewalk/benches near the street,
chit-chatting & looked at the crowd
& enjoying/relaxing :)

Another one of my favorite to-do list.
To enjoy every cute dessert that attracts me!

Oh well, thanks to him.
For always spoiled me & bought me those ;'P

After taking a break of sitting down relaxing,
always, always i will go SHOOOOOPPPPPPIINNGGG =P

that always get me excited.

I love astroboy's neighbor/society.
It always decorate with different fresh flowers that look so beautiful & colorful.

I want to own a bakery store that must sell macaroon, pls?

St Mark really have many must-try restaurants.

Ippudo have the famous ramen & beef bun!
this seriously make me craving for it every single day after i tried it.

Our first time trying Gusto, Italian restaurant, during lunch time.

I posted this photo,
because i think astroboy have really cute hair during that moment.

I hope you are smart enough, and know the reason why i called him "astroboy"

Don't you think Astroboy's hairstyle is like this too?

Almost every Italian restaurant served bread before any meal.
Trust me, this is the only bread that i can finished and keep thinking about it.

Their homemade sauce was a must-try!

Awww. That day such a happy outing.

That lunch was pricey, but worth it.
Not because the entree was tasty,
simply just because we were so happy the whole noon.

we walked and explore the different city&streets.
we walked till we can't walk no more & we stop & we relax.
Every night,
we cursed that our leg hurt & we couldn't sleep.

Oh man,
what a fun memories.

That one day during May,
Frank asked me if i can helped him during his first time photo-shooting with a model.
Without doubt, i say:"Yes, of cause!"

That day,
i noticed Frank have such potential to be a photographer.

I believed, one day, he can become a professional photographer if he wants.

I still remembered,
we once make a jokes about each others,
& i said :"You better hire me as your assistant if you become famous."
Ha. It was a fun conversations.

The model Frank photo-shoot with.
She is even younger than me.
I thinks she is cute and nice,
and i wish her passion can lead her to become famous :)

I love Soho.
People might find it too many people&crowded.
But that is exactly why i love this place.

Soho always was my favorite spot to snapshot.

Ugh, i misses this hairstyle so much :(

Since today, i will spend more time browsing thru my old albums.
Because they reminds me so much of you,my friends& the city.

Perhaps, i will blog more about those too.