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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
third day at hospital
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Third day.
Still at hospital being the one taking care of my Grandma who just finished doing knee surgery.

Days here, felt like a long journey to me.
Three days only, felt like 1 weeks already.

While it was night,
i pray i wish i pray wishing i can fall in sleep & sleep well.
I know i came from New York City, but i'm still super afraid of cold.
The air conditioner in the room always cold,
i need to wear double jacket, use scarf to surrounded my cold feet,
one blanket cover my body, and put 2 more towel above it.
Then i will squeeze myself&head into the blanket.

It usually takes me 1hr to really fallen in sleep.

I seriously sometimes thinking in my mind hoping i am the patient,
so i can sleep on the bed.

After 1/2 hour i fall in sleep,
i got awake. I either need to feed my Grandma water or something else.

This makes me realize how wonderful it is if you can just have a good night sleep till the next morning,
without anyone waking you up in the middle of night.

This also makes me realize,
this is what going to happen if i m pregnant& give birth to child.

Am i ready for it?
I honestly doubt it.

However, despite all those things.

I was amazed how far i been came through till now.

I was so proud of my lovely Grandma,
she is so brave.
I just wishing she can get well soon and able to walk again.
Because i know Grandma don't really likes people taking care of her,
she likes to do things on her own.

I hate hospital :(
Hospital just make people even sicker.

Although this is a private hospital.
Nurses here are so unprofessional.
it kinda freak me out imagine what if i get hurt one day & need to live at hospital.