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Monday, September 27, 2010
sunday kid joy
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It was Sunday.
i considered it a "Family Day",
because it was the day when both of my brothers have days off.

(The condominium, i live at 9th floor)

brother & his gf want to try to start jogging.
So, i suggest, lets go down & swim!

The swimming pool for both adults and kids.

Keeve boy love playing water, can't u tell?

Look how happy the both smile,
awwww :D

Although my older brother keep saying he wont gonna have baby,
but he likes kid alots.
I can tell.

Ha, spot the big round bump on his forehead?
Because he always dance/run and fall :P

This is naughty chubby Kiestan that everybody spoil :)

It rain after 10 minutes we swim = ="
Therefore, we have to wrap them into towel.

I think they look the cutesssssssssssst!