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Wednesday, September 8, 2010
real cute Fullhouse restaurant!
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was such a "soul-happy" day that i haven't have in these past 2 weeks

knowing that i will go out with my elementary best friend get me real excite since i wake up.

last time i saw her, was 2 years ago.
we didn't talk much that time, because she was in a rush.

this time,
we clicked*

we have the similar thoughts about particular things,
we both are passionate about travel.

we talked non-stop!
we talked about our elementary school's lives,such as those secret crush, or the teachers.
we talked about where we been in these years, the jobs, the travel diaries..
we talked about our current lovers,we talked about how we dream about going to Maldives for honeymoon...
and a lots more!

i wish one day,
we will going travel to somewhere together :)
i know, it will be such a blast trip.
she have a really cute small yellow "Cherry QQ" car

we're on the way to Sunway Giza,
traffic jam = ="
which took us around 1 hr to reached there.

spot those cute mario's collection, right?
awww my favorite!
soon, my own car will be like this too!
of cause, even more mario's and mushroom's collection for me :D


"so cute!" we both shout at the same time while we saw it.

we both ordered the same set lunch &16.90,
which include a drink,a soup, a entree& a cake.

i was amazed how they have such creative idea to make the menu into a little magazine

next time, i wanna try salad with salmon!
mostly, this was a place for photos taking!
because it have way too many cute things to shot
& pretty interior design/decoration.

this is restaurant, cafe and a shop!

i almost, going to purchase those cute things :P
awww it is me, with the tasty soup & the menu XD

sometimes, i wish my skin color can be this light.

this is Queenie,
my elementary best friend :)

she will going to Cambodian for a short trip tonight,
wishing her a safe flight!

Carbonara Spaghetti with mushroom and ham.

yummmmmm yumm =D

after a long, great 3 hour conversation,
finally it is time for dessert :)

the flavors were peach & strawberry.


so cheap! yessssss we're both shock too.

it only cost USD $12 for 2 person!

we definitely will be back!

she loves beaches, i love walking around exploring the city.

we both love travel.
that is why we both have dark skin xD

putting camera on the table,
setting is self-timer.

here comes a great photo of us =)

i love how we both smile with teeth

my favorite pose xD
,while the girl is at bathroom.

going to second floor for more photos after paying.

i think,
i will plan to have birthday dinner here if i am staying for my birthday this year.

the store that sells mostly clothes, jewelry and shoes.

the cute shoes! cost RM$59.

this is definitely a girl's restaurant.
because girls will be non-stop saying "aww it so cute"

i just wonder,
will anyone buy those things from the store?
because it was a bit pricey :D