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Thursday, September 30, 2010
One day, double identity
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* the 29th.

One special day, per month, for both of us.

It always amazed me, whenever i think of us about this long distance relationship.

it might take us 24hr flight to be with each other,
but during these months,
we're closer than ever.

We talked &spent time together so much.
Sometimes, i even forgot we're actually apart from each other, far far away.

Thanks you, for this anniversary package :'_)

Thanks you, for keeping your promises & actually make it happen.

You will never know how happy i actually am, how big my smile was,
every month while i saw the box.

I think, sometimes,
an unexpected box might even surprise me more :D

This handmade card was actually my favorite among all.

I loves how you finally be creative and made something so cute/so adorable :)

I LOVES the cartoon figure.
I LOVES how you draw it based on the key chain i bought for u in Hong Kong.

Those cartoon figure definitely must use in our future cafe, okay?

Happy 5th Month Anniversary
Happy 1 Year knowing you too!

I like & miss you so much too ;(

I barely remembered how we meet.
i do remembered how we spent so much time facebook chatting
and you try so hard to get my number
&ask me out in front of every co-workers.

I remembered you used to bought me all those sweet stuffs and cupcakeeeeees,
& surprised/shocked me with the flowers and tiramisu...

Oh Boy, can i pray for those moment to re-appear & re-happen?

Perhaps, it will come true.
You & Me, Chris & Kirby, forever & ever.

Thanks babe, i loves those short & flat :)

I hopes you can see me wear those in real person,
and compliment me like you always do.
Then, i will answer:"bullshit!"

Oh boy, i missed that too.

I missed how you say i look cute every single day.

I knew my babe don't really want to buy Smashbox powder,
because you likes me nude, right?

I loves the secret gift,
which was the bracelet you got from Soho stall.

I will wear it, for our dinner date.

No matter how many thank you i already said,
still not enough to show my appreciation of every effort you already put.
I am really really really thanksful to have you in my life.
To show me that someone like you can treat someone like me, so true, with so much love&care.

What have I done to deserve someone so great like you,
who willing to give the world to me.

I couldn't ask for more.

you're the only one i need.