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Tuesday, September 14, 2010
movie "Going the distance"
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totally messed up with my blog skin html things
such a turn down :*(

yayy :D
Wearing the new blue skirt which i bought next door, only cost RM$20!

About to go out to have another girl date with Queenie ^_^

Arrived Times Square.
My eyes blinked while i saw this soup stall.
especially when i saw my favorite soup!

here come my favorite super tasty soup -- England Clam Chowder*

awww what a soup :D

next time, i will try soup in the bread.

while waiting for my best friends to meet me.

Thanks astroboy,
for accompany me again, everytime while i was alone doing something.

It was true of what i said on the phone,
i really really misses those moment where we always go 14st "au bao pain" for clam chowder
&then we will usually walked around the city holding hands.

Peace& Relax.
Yes that is how I felt at that moment.

I am alone, by myself, eating soup and reading all these leisure/travel magazine.

You wouldn't imagine how much i cherish those alone time moment,
enjoying my favorite foods and reading my favorite travel magazines.

That is why i love new york city.

Because i can always be alone, without any awkward feeling.

Going for another lunch after we done interview.

Yes, you heard it right.

i went to a job interview with my friends, because she need a job.

I find it quite interesting.

My favorite sour plum juice :)

Yeah, that is what we ordered.

Two years ago,
this was the restaurant where we hangout.
Me & Her still remembered that day.

@ Pavilion.

we both going up and downs trying to look for newspaper,
so then we can look for jobs together
Ha :)

yeah, the same tree where i took pix before, again.

Watched "Going the distance"

actually, my regular plan was watching "Eat Pray Love"
UGHHH seriously i really want to watch that movie!

anyways, this was kind of a comedy love movie.

awww it reminds me so much of us.
The phone conversation, both of them look at a movie together online, etc....

I wish we will end up like them, or won't.
I means, about the break.

I hope you're in the theater with me.

Luckily, i have my best friend to lie on while i was sad watching the movie :)
which i always have bunch of fun hanging around with her together.

I was amazed how well we both blend in together
& have almost the same mind and thoughts.

She is just my another best friend who i don't need to meet often,
but one time per year definitely is ENOUGH
simply just because we're best friends inside the heart, and we clicked*
without any words, we understand each other.