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Saturday, September 4, 2010
Love letter for Astroboy
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Dear Astroboy,

I am sorry i been busy-ing these past couple days. I am sorry that I neglect you most of the time. I am sorry that i ignore you when you misses me the most. I am sorry that I forgot to appreciate the effort you stay up for me every single night just to talk to me. I am sorry for not paying full attention on you while you actually really wish it inside you heart.

I am really sorry.
I don't mean to.
& i do really misses u a lots too.

I decided to write you a blog that will give you the biggest smile that you deserve since long time ago.

I hope it did.

I hope, right now, at this moment, while you're reading this,
your mouth will be wide open because you can't stop smiling, because you're really happy inside your heart, because your heart can't stop beating because of what i write, what i really mean...

Thanks for the efforts you put on the blog, which you open only just for me.
"Letter to Kirby" always been the sweetest letter/diary you ever wrote,
I always smile, like the way you love how I smile, every time while I'm reading your blog.
You never know how much i am loving it.
Loving every single post, every single sentence/words, every single photos,
because you did it, just only for me.

Thanks a millions, Babe ;)

Misses you, Kirby G.

so, last night i finally persuaded you to open the package you receive long time ago.
I always imagine, imagine the look on your face while you open it, imagine how happy you will be while you see my efforts...

It is only been 4 months that we both fallen in love.
But somehow, to me, it feels like 1 year.

Perhaps, it is because you been chasing me for so many months already,
which add up to the total => a year.

I do believe,
we will still have many more anniversaries coming up to us :)

I send you the package,
Not only because it is for our 4th Month Anniversary,

it is also because i always try to buy you souvenirs/gifts every time i go travel, just like last time when i go Disneyland, i got you a mickey "C" letter keychain. Since that day, it becomes your "GoodLuck Chain"
Also, last time when i went on a trip to Las Vegas with my family,
I got you a small Las Vegas Snowball decoration things.
I know it is a bit girly, i know you might never gonna use it.

But,the real reasons is I actually just want you to know, that I'm thinking about you during the journey.
And i wishes, you're there with me too.

i hope starting next time,
while we can go on a trip together,
we'll start buying souvenirs together just to let them be a part of our journey memories.

those just a small part of snacks i got you.

You're just like a kid, who always want&eat a bunch of candies/lollipop.
I remembered it :)

i hope that whole box of your favorite lollipop will satisfy you.

the domo voice recorder is for you, while you're bore or misses me so badly,
so you can press on his right hand and hear my dumb voice.
i hope, it can cheer you up no matter what happen,
doesn't matter if it only helps a little.

This is "our" keychain.

On their back,it both have our names on it.

I will kept the male version which represent you,
and you will kept mine.

i hope that IF one day,
IF we ever get marry,
we can still both keeping the same keychain,
to open our door, our future.

To me,
Keychain always meant "home sweet home"
if you know what i mean...

finally the box is full!

i got you so many little different things,
because I want you to smile from the beginning to the end.
because I want you to double, triple the happiness that you already have.

On the last day of my Hong Kong trip,
i decided to spend all the HKD money on this "couple bracelet"
because it always been what i want,
to wear the same bracelet with the one i likes.

Just like what it crave on the back of bracelet,
"Misses you, Christopher"
I truly meant it.

I wont buy ring, because it will be your turn, on that special one day.

the girl you love the most,
promised you that she will be better, will try even harder to gives back to the boy who always put his full love&attention to her, care about her whenever she is sick/depressed, stay with her all the times while she is bored/couldn't sleep, and who never fail a minutes to missed her with all his heart.

I promised.