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Thursday, September 9, 2010
it hurts
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Dear Astroboy,

I am really really sorry for what happened today. I know i should put more effort into this relationship since you sacrifice for me so much already. I know i should at least try to place u in my priority. I know i should care about u more likes the way i care about friends.
I don't mean to hurt you this way.
It even hurts me more, that i don't even know how much i likes you. That's the reason i never say back, while you always say "love you." Because if i say it, i mean it. So, maybe it is not the right time yet, or perhaps it is not the right person...
Sometimes, i wish you didn't love me that much. Because, it hurts me when you say i am your world, and you will sacrifice everything just to spend time with me, stay with me.
I was shocked myself too, while i say "maybe we need a break." I hope this will be the only and last time i say those words. Right now, i still don't understand why i say it. Is it because, maybe, i start doubting this relationship, and ready to give up...
Long distance relationship is really hard. I wish we can get through this, because if can get through this, i know we can grow old together.

i am sorry.

it is been the second time i apologize, within this week.
It is bad.

From, Misses you,
Kirby G.