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Thursday, September 16, 2010
High School Best Gal Friends ^^
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Today is such a beautiful day.

I get to meet my high school best friends, finally :)

Li Ting will drive me from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban to find a pregnant lady,
who is about to give birth to her second child.
So Awesome.

One of the gal suggested "Old Town" Cafe,
which is the best place to sit down,chatting& eating/chilling.

At first, I wonder, where is everybody else?

Oh. So everybody was at upstair.

She is Li Ting, as pretty as usual :)

I think she is a brave lady for driving us both safely to Seremban&
came back to Kuala Lumpur.

Yeah, i do agree with you.
Malaysia's GPS suck =/

Awwwww. My pregnant lady - Miki =)

Her birthday just one day before me!
& we have similar Chinese name too.

During high school,
we used to sit together.

Oh gal, i misses that high school period.
It is so fun.

Anyways, she is now giving birth to her second child, who happen to be a boy.
Awww a big congratulationsssss&blessing!

So now, she own a really cute daughter,
and soon a cute baby boy!

Although we don't really chat & never meet in 2 years,
but it felt like i never leave.
Because we can update about each others' lives all in one day,
and felt not strange at all!

Astroboy, this is my favorite half-boil egg that i mention about :)
It taste real yummy <3

I really thanks god, sometimes, for giving me such great friends to grow up with.

I can just tell them all my secrets,
and feeling secure inside my heart.

Proud to announce, Miki's first daughter - Renee*

Aww, she is a real cutie pie, right?

I am still very sad that i don't get to attend her wedding 1 years ago.

But i am really happy she find a good husband to marry to.

Oh my.
Do every child have such big cute eyes?

I am jealous. Haha

To me, she is always like a little girl.

After i meet her today,
She grow up, a lots.
She is now becoming a charming&mature mother.

I am super happy.

I have faith in her, that she will become super good mama in the future ;)

& i really wanna give my best blessing to her,
since she will be giving birth to next child in November.

She is way too adorable, i couldn't stop taking photos for her :D

&actually, i really wanna bite her finger :)
Yes, I'm really obsess with biting child's finger.

She only let Li Ting& her mama hug her.

She cry, whenever i try to hug her :'(

I'm thinking, perhaps, I am too dark, that scare her away.

Pleaseeeeeeeee let me hug you next time, pleaseeeeeeeee ^^

We then keep trying to put different hair band on her,
trying to cover the fact she have little hair :P
Ha! & the sunglasses from Li Ting.

She will be superbaby model :D

The family portrait!

First time meeting Miki's husband,
who lovesssss COKE.

His name is COKE Fu.
Ha :)
& he loves collecting any coke products.

Next time,
remind me to bring one New York's coke can back for him.

Oh, did i mention?
That Miki herself, her husband, and her daughter were all Scorpion, likes me!
i hope the next kid will be Scorpion too :P

See you girl, next year!