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Monday, September 13, 2010
Genting Highlands
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last Sunday,
went to Genting Highlands with my brother and some others.

It was a play ground for the kids, the roller coaster for the teenager & casino for adults!

Luckily, the rain stop while we arrived :)

It was 2 years ago, while i was here.

Outside the theme park, where all the roller coaster were.

I decide not to go in there,
because i never really have guts to play all those stuff unless it was someone with me.

actually, i never go in this theme park.
NOT ONCE at all although i been here plenty of times.

The one @ New Jersey "Six Flags" is definitely more fun & heart attack!

always, always love the horse ride stuff.
it was so fairy tale, so beautiful.
But, this was only for kids :D

i would rather go to the London eye :)
i wish i can be there, please, at least once in my lifetime.

A really parent-outting's place.

Bought my favorite cotton candy while i saw it walking around :)
it was sweeeeet yet so tasty.

this is the first thing i said when i saw the crowd.

Never, never once that i saw this many people appear in Genting Highland!

i guess the public holiday is really pushing the everyone came here.

Never really have one of those ride too.

One day, i will try it.

@ Starbucks, relaxing, sitting, and chatting.

Ordered a Green Tea Latte,
which i really dislike.

Unfortunately, i couldn't find my favorite Rasberry Lemonaid here :(

Loving all those spin surrounded me.

thanks my camera man.

I was sleepy that whole day.

The cold breeze wasn't really wake me up, i guess
Even the Green Tea Latte wasn't helping.

i been walking back and forth on this way like 6 times already!
= ="

My favorite shoot of the day :)

@ xxx restaurant, since all of us can eat here for FREE.
just because my brother have the casino's point :P

This fried soft crab shell is the worst i ever tried :(