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Friday, September 10, 2010
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today&tomorrow is Malaysian's new year.

Selamat Hari Jaya ^o^

since most of the stores closed today,
so we get off work around 1pm.

& went to Pavilion.

for what?
for movieeeeeeeeee! :D

(bored waiting..)

since it was public holiday,
such a huge crowd and long line waiting for the ticket purchase.

i really thinks they should place some ticket purchase machine there,
so people don't need to wait on line just to buy it.
it was time wastes.

My brother's gf is a huge fan of Gelato Icecream :D

although Gelato was everywhere in new york city,
but i barely really give it a try.
Because i am just simply not a Icecream girl.

I missed Pinkberry's Frozen Yogurt so much :(

that is why i ordered this flavor,
it called "Wild Berry Yogurt!"

it was super souuuuuuuuuuurrrr ><"

happily enjoyed it although the berry really really S-O-U-R!

&i likes sitting at the open area inside Pavilion :)

i likes Pavilion alots now, compare to Sungai Wang or Times Square.
perhaps, because i am not a "young" girl anymore.

i just wish Zara in Malaysia can be cheaper :(

Pavilion always have cool/nice decorations.

The theme for now is Malaysian's new year, i guess.

on the way walking to Plaza Low Yat to buy some computer stuff.

The mall is famous of selling electronic stuff.
So when u walk-in, every floor is selling computers,cellphone,cameras,etc...

I just paid people there to install Chinese language in my Blackberry phone :)

alots of walking today = ="

i need to do foot massage soon, i need it.

oh yea,
i got myself a camera man today.

heart this new flat that i bought @ Hong Kong :)
it is simple&elegance.

actually, the reason i took this photo is trying to tag you with the heart shape.

thanks astroboy.

i heart, i hear, i see everything you have done for me.

words cant express how much i appreciated those.
i really do.

later, watched 6:15pm Resident Evil 3D
with other 5 peoples.

OMFG, those action and scene was so cool.
although it was a little too fake =P

can't wait for the next episode of this movie!
i hope it only takes 1 year.

after movie, we went to food court for dinner.

It was crowded.

&i find it really thoughtful that they have different country's cuisine
such as Taiwan,Hong Kong,Thailand,Japanese, and many others.

this is my Thai dinner.
Fishcake & Green Mango Salad.

Fishcake ain't tasty compare to the ones in new york city.
Green Mango Salad is souuuuuuuuurr too.

oh yea, my domain name "" won't work for now,
which really pisses me off :(