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Thursday, September 23, 2010
Fifth day
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Fifth Day.
Still, same old place, at hospital; next to Grandma.

Oh Boy, do you know what this is?

This is my "bed-chair", where i sleep every nights at hospital.

So many towels or blanket?
Simple answer. Because i need those to keep me warm.
Those are actually not enough.
I still felt cold.

I find it very difficult for me to fall in sleep lying on the chair.
That is why i only slept 3 hour last night till now only :'(

This little place, where i hide myself most of the time.

While Grandma was sent doing the x-ray thing,
I finally have some alone time, to do anything i like.

My favorite "Nasi Lemak", so spicyyy.
I ordered it almost everyday, sometimes night too.

& my Mac Apple laptop currently playing Hong Kong drama.
while i was also skyping with Astroboy.

What a cute boy that keep cheers me up every time, anytime i was depressed
during this couple days at hospital.

Just saying...
If you're here with me,
it will be even great & wonderful!