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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Currently reading
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Fourth Day.
After a good night sleep at home,
i am back to this hospital, that i now hates so much.

i think 4 more days to go.

I hope my grandma can heal before or after 3/4 days,
pleaseeeeeeee :(

I seriously don't wanna stay here nomore.

Now, book & laptop is the only device for me to get rid of the bored-ness.

Currently reading : The memory keeper's daughter
It was a translation of a famous English book.

The story line was boring at the beginning.
It started to have some interesting view till what i've read so far now.

The story mostly about how a family was super excited while the wife is about to give birth to their first kid.
Actually, it was twins.
Unfortunately, another kid born with abnormal disease.
The father loves his wife too much, so he decided to send the abnormal kid away secretly just so his wife won't get upset knowing it.
Although the family still grow up & stay together after that,
but actually everything was changed.

&more... reading now :)

Perhaps, i can finish the whole book before my Grandma discharge from hospital.