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Thursday, September 2, 2010
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second day working @ brother store

still bored & very sleepy
loving my minnie's camera strap by BiBi Hung :)
it mad adorable (hehes)

eating & surfing internet is the only things i did in the store
oh yea, watching HK drama and sleeping too = ="

i do think i gain couple pounds ;(

*astroboo, this is for u.

so this is my brother's store.

& this is the boring workplace

told you!
it sell aunty's clothes
last night,
me&brother&his gf was playing with this brush holder things

so cute :D

one day,
we will decorate our own house with all those adorable things okay?
IF we meant to grow old together :P

although life @ Malaysia is very bored to me,
but i do enjoy every moment with my family.

i love visiting my grandma and talk w her,
she is old,
& she always say she will die one day and so she will tell me where she put her money at,
this make me sad.
i love my grandma, so much.
she is the cutest grandma ever.
i wish, i pray, she can live as long as she can,
so she can see me marry and have babies
so my babies can call her super grandma ;)

so, astroboo.
do what you promise me okay?
do practice Chinese everyday so we both can talk to her together.

i love going to work with my brother, and go home together.

i feel home.

eating dinner, watching tv together @ the living room
is what i feel most relax yet happy in the whole day

i always pray always wish,
one day,
sister&me&2 brother can be together.