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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
these days @ Malaysia
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i haven't meet any of my Malaysia friends since i was back.

Whenever my friends ask me to go 0ut,
i will reject.

i wonder why?
i think the more i staying home,
the less i want to go out.
or see anyone except my family.

laziness & sleepy-ness is really hitting me lately.

it sucks.

so, my house have two pets.

this cute doggie & 2 turtle
:O lols

her name is "Bebe"
she will bark whenever someone open the door

i really wish one day i can let her out and walk her sometimes

i just don't like how she was inside the gate all the times :(
i think i really likes "pasar malam" (night market)
i likes those little snacks/foods

my sister used to love this kind of nasi lemak
bcuz it real spicy, and tastee so good :)

.... i miss my sister ;(
& those 2 cute nephews.
i used to love shopping alone in New York City.
it is so fun because i can explore the city on my own

but not here, not at Malaysia.

it is too dangerous to be alone,
to walk on the street,
not even mention that i can't even carry my favorite camera with me all the times

thanks Astroboy who always accompany me on the phone,
while i was bored or alone.

i miss you more whenever i'm alone.

that saturday,
brother get off at 5pm.

so we went to leisure mall for dinner & movie :D

finally, my favorite outting!
which is, foods&movie

My brother's cute gf who is only 18 years old

My dear older brother :)

vegetable sushi roll?
weird, right..lols

soft crab shell sushi roll

the sushi appear to be alotsssss bigger in real life

another kind of sushi that i never have before

my favorite eel & soft crab handroll ^3^

i look tired all the times now
cuz i sleep way too much = =

favorite fishball stall on the street!
but have more variety of food choices!

(for astroboy)
this is my grandma's house.

so, i went back to village 2 days ago to visit my cute grandma :)
aww she is so adorable
she keep feeding me foods every hour
haha ;D

i want to try to visit her at least once per month!

grandma house is on the hill.
so cool right hahaha
actually the hill is not really a hill

my grandma plant papaya tree & passion fruit tree on the backyard
so cool

that's why we always have fresh papaya and passion fruit to eat :)

& my neighbors have durian tree, rambutan tree, alots more!