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Thursday, August 12, 2010
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finally, no hanging out, no friends..

just myself, exploring the city =)

it might be embarrassing walking alone around the street,
but is fine ^^

i just wish,
if astroboy was with me,
holding hand,
walk & run around the corner of street,
discover the food stalls...
that'll be great.

next time, promise you'll make it come true?

it is such a long journey from where i live now (Tai Po Marke) to here (Causeway Bay)
i think i've transfer like 5 or 6 train/bus just to get here.
lucky it only takes me 1 hr..

this is for you.
just like u asked me, i took it, so you can see it =)
cool, right?

keroro's games is one of my favorite too!

on the street kept looking for a food place that fit me..
because it kinda embarrassing to sit&eat alone in Hong Kong

finally, i choose this place.

i always wanna try this dessert place before i came HK,
because the icecream dessert look so yummy!

babe, see?
sooo cool, right?
so many different choices of icecream & look so tasty

too bad =(
it was kinda a big order, so i didn't order it this time.

just like i asked u in the phone,
we have to came here & share the icecream dessert together next time, okay?

oh yea,
spot the magazine?
i was enjoying it while i was eating :D

yes, this is where i sit& eat alone for 1hr..

lunch set $40HKD
it was tomato soup noodle with tasty meatball
& free one iced lemon tea ^^

i can't finish it again =(

thanks my lovely astroboy bf ;)
for wasting ur sleep time,
& spending time to talk to me on the phone just to accompany me,
so i won't feel alone while walking/eating alone.

it was very sweet of you.

it make me misses u even more ;)

i saw this bag & immediately run into the store
their t shirt was super cute&creative
i want it i want it i want it
but i can't.

& the super mario's bro's bag collection!
super adorable
super creative
super unique
super duper cute!

can i have it plsss plsss plsss??
it cost $600 HKD =(

i know i can't, right...

been looking&walking back and forth around those street this evening
trying to look for the van going back to Tai Po
cuz it quicker & i don't need to transfer for any bus ..

too bad, after 20minutes of sweating & walking ,
i still couldn't find it.

so i give up, and take the train eventually.

again, this is my dinner ^^
& favorite movie show tonight

& of cause skype with my astroboy
saying goodmorning to his sleepy dump face
haha :D

i miss you babe.