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Thursday, August 26, 2010
Malaysia, Now i am here
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it is sad to know that,
i am not excited at all
about moving back to Malaysia.

i am just not get use to it yet.

New York is really the city for me.

i just simply start missing all my beloved friends from New York.

i don't know...

I felt useless here.

the second day @ Malaysia.

went to Pavilion Mall
& have late lunch @ Shanghai restaurant.

this is why we came here :)

awww! the famous Hong Kong style buns :)

i used to madly in love with this while i first tried in Hong Kong 2 years ago
it doesn't taste as good nomore while Kris Babe brought me to yamcha last week.

but guess what,
this one is actually tasty!!

my boring noodle, since i don't know what else to order.

the noodle taste very smooth :)

thanks for driving me around :)

nearly broke,
so i have nomore budget to shop or to buy.

the heavy coat @ Zara is soooooo cute :(

the on-sale RM$100 Topshop dress is nice too...