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Monday, August 16, 2010
Handle with Care
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"Handle with Care"
a great book, i think.

2 years ago, the same author, a different title,
i bought @ the same book store,
& read it during Hong Kong trip.

This time, again.

Just different title.

Everyone should just really appreciate of what they have right now,
at least i still can walk, can see, can hear, can talk..
at least my bones won't break easily,
at least i can still go ice skating, riding bicycle, doing anything i want to...

cherish everything i have.
sorry that i have been stress about my own things lately & neglect about you..

i don't mean to

i'll try harder try to release the stress,
& smile
& go back to the old days where we talked & laugh all the time
thanks for this long love letter.
actually, love email.

this is the first letter that i ever consider a "letter"
i love how u begin with Dear Love,
and end it with "Love You, Astroboy"

i wish we can keep what we promise,
try to write each other letter every couple days...

can you do it?