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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
thanks ma&pa ;)
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i am spoiled.
i totally know i am.

i love being daddy's little gal all the time =)

&astroboy's gal too.

thanks for the love.
it is the greatest gift i always wish for.
DKNY watch to replace my old "most-diamond-fall-off" 's GUESS watch.

another one,
is Kenneth Cole.
that i promise someone i'll try to wear it every single day ;P

RayBan's sun glasses that just bought today!

so yay :D
finally i can throw away the $5 cheap sunglasses that bought @ Soho.

don't forget the mac book pro on behind.

yesss, i'm proud to announce that,
i am an officially a mac user now ;)
Day by day. It passed away.

Looking around the neighbor, the people, the building, the subway
i know.
that i do fall in love with the city already.

i am sad.
things been stressing both of us now.
i know it is very hard for u.

but please,
just remember.
things will get better&better while the time fly.

you'll just be alright, okay?

so please i am telling u a million times already.
don't be sad/stress over me.

start now on till forever,
i wanna see the smilesssss on your face,
that you have in the photo above.

the peace, loving, stress-free smile*

can you do that for me?