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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010
surrounded by love :)
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started missing the great free movie@ Hudson River Park.

don't even have time to make it to Central Park for photos
& Queens College ;(

sitting in the train, listening to Ipod.
I thought of my beloved family, my dearest friends & him.

i was so thankful &grateful that the people i care about, care about me even more
&show me their real love.

i always ask myself,
what have i done?
that earn myself so many lovessss*

i dont know.

i wish&pray that those loves could stay real forever.
i wish&pray those people that i care about could always stay together.
beloved sister bought me my favorite shoes!
yay ;)

the last meal together in New York City.

i made the cool/awesome luncheon meat
& he made dan-dan noodle.

i just wanna do something that make u happy&smile real big
since u make me that cool smiley lunch box for me last time ;)

from this photo,
i guess u're real happy, right?

u're the cutest while u smile this big :D

as i promise u,
i'll blog so you can read while you arrived Trinidad.

&don't miss me too much,
because you'll see me after 12hr ^o^

Caribbeannnnn for a week!
can't wait, & hope it will be as fun as last time.