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Saturday, July 3, 2010
shopping,barbecue-ing,chelsea pier
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so little time left
so many things to do
so many friends still needed to hangout
so many places haven't go yet

ugh damn :(
very unhappy or perhaps, stress.

a quick post about these past 3 days...

went to this newly grand open Forever 21 @ Times Square

have 4 floor,
and first time seeing forever21's clothes is clean&neat

my shopping buddy, Ms.Phibbie :)
with her new hat from the store.

happily shopping & found cheap stuff
yay :D

finally he not the one shop w me this time
less stress,more excited&running around like a kid grabbing candy

i wish i can spend more

went to Cafe Zaiya near Bryant Park
for snacks,drink,rest& magazine!

bought this $3.50 heavily soy powder taste's icecream before we left

i miss Mitsuwa's green tea icecream more :/

yesterday, went to karaoke with my gals & William Ye

voice stuck, & very menly's voice
what a bad karaoke day for me :(

how could i sang this sucks haha

me&carmen were wearing both white new shoesssss ^3^

mine is hurting me real bad

at night,
went to wing's house for barbecue-ing

we been trying to figure out how to start the fire for like 30minutes..
then decided to walk outside and buy the charcoal starter
= ="

yes, finally after 15minutes,
it works!

I ate like 2 hotdogs, 4fish balls, and 5 chicken wings
yes, bbq chicken wings still my favorite!

but the fire so hot
my whole face was oily and sweaty

although i'm still hungry
but i decided gave up eating

cuz it take a while to barbecue those foods
&i m tired already =(

for me, i wasn't really enjoying that night
perhaps, those were just not the right gangs for me.

but still,
i appreciated ms.wing&mr.ken's effort for preparing those foods
thanks alots

went to 14st meat packing district again.

went to famous Amy's bread for snack&drink

toasted pizza bread was yummyliciouss :)
& the soda tangerine wasn't bad for me actually

oh yea,
i hope you're enjoying the gifts
although it didn't cost that much as urs...
but i'll try to find u something else too okay?

walked to Chelsea Pier trying to figure out the firework's place

the sea,the wind,the boat,the sidewalk,the cute flower on the deck
were comfy-nice :)

first time actually walking around Chelsea Pier

yes, i would love to try the cruise dinner
sounds so romantic ha
so next time after u earn big money after graduating, okay?

end this post with this yummmmmy icecream that cost only $2
woooooo rayyyy!

this sweet delicious thing make us both happy kid haha