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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
on vacation!
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i'm @ Trinidad, Caribbean now.

a week vacation.

now is the 3rd day ;(

always hate airplane meal = ="
except the fruit plate & juices ;D

mine's very first time taking First Class* seating

just the seat is bigger& comfortable
&the flight attendant will keep bother and ask you:"what'll you like to drink?"

It is barbeque night.

helping around the kitchen make me learn some cooking skill
ha :P

it is his dad birthday, that night.

lovesss the baked potatos,chicken wings,porkchop& garlic bread!
oh yea, & the spicy cucumber by Ms.Sue.

yummmmmy :D
those pie/cakes ain't really taste that good
except the blueberry cheese cake :)

so basically,
these day,
we just sleep, eat, hangout, talk, swim & walk around the neighbor.