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Thursday, July 8, 2010
movies&all u can eat mussels!
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yes, i agree with what u said.
it was such a great outting yesterday.

first, bump into "long time no see" Frank ;)
aww i so wanna play with the reflection light too!

then, watched the karate kid & toy stories 3.
awww both were such awesome movies!

the karate kid make me cried so many times ;'(
it was tears for good, tears for such a good story lines.
loves smith's son, he is super duper cute :)

toy stories 3 was sooooo effin funny.
very cute & adorable characters& the story was so touched ;'(

i promise i'll hug astroboo* to sleep as much as i can from now on..
astroboo* is the nickname i gave for the bear ;P
cuz it a gift from astroboy.
someone was super in love with this movie
not me.
around 9pm, time for my oyster&mussels dinner!

Essex restaurant @ Essex Street.

it looked like a warehouse, isn't it?

i think it pretty cool how the interior is
very warehouse metal feel ..

they served us bread right away while we got seated.
cool! cuz we're hungry already :D

but too much butter, they're wasting the money
Tuesday is all you can eat mussels for $18.
it taste so good.
so we end up ordered two pot and finished them all =)Cubana Sandwich $13

not bad,
but havana cafe definitely make it even better&spicier!
the french fries that came with the cubana sandwich
2 plate make it totally worth the price!
Monday & Thursday is oyster special, only $1 each!
but we missed it :(

however, we still want it real bad
so we ordered 4. each one is $1.50

i still prefer the bluepoint oyster from Gusto,
more smooth and tasty!

thanks stranger for helping us took this pix :)

both of us happily smile after eating oyster&mussels ^_^

found this really cute tiny icecream&candy selling truck
excited&jumping around like a little kid keep saying "i want it i want it"
so this is the dessert of the night!
raspberry sorbet & melon pop*
to cool down the "hot" day ;)

once again,
thanks for the treat, as always :)

i enjoyed it very much too.

....oh yea, the july 4th post&photos still haven't up yet!
Opps next time perhaps?
or next next time lol