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Monday, July 12, 2010
matching shirts;funky drawing
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...spend the whole noon packing stuff
almost done!

looking at my messy room,
photos frames are gone, photos hanging on the wall been take off
most clothes pack in brown box

make me real upset.

i wish, while i go back to Malaysia;
i can have my own clean neat room that decorate with everything i love
i wish.

i just really want my own room real bad.

... blah blah blah.
done with the sad part.

went out to Chinatown for dinner tonight,
& Times Square for a walk around 9pm ^^

long time ago,
i said, i wanna do this kind of drawing one day.

here we are tonight.

funny, nice Chinese couple's artist who think we're Korean ;P

Astroboy likes the lady's drawing, who draw ME*
but i likes the uncle's drawing, who draw HIM*

who u think draw better?

Total $20.00.
at first, i think it was a bit scary.
cuz i look like skinny bitch lol

anyways, it turn out somehow i think it real cute :)
&people keep stare on it and smiling make me likes it even more.
astroboy look like a Spanish pervert uncle in the drawing.
woo wooooo, with 8 pack& flower in the mouth

yea, we both lovessss it =)

okay, we'll draw another one if there is a chance i'm back to the city
i promise u.

same artist, same us...
....If it will ever happen.
(at Grand Central)

spot it?

super matching shirt's color&pattern!
without telling each other at all.

i m real shock when i realized it too.
without those fight/argument,
we'll be happy couples as always.
just wishing we can keep it that way as long as we can.