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Saturday, July 24, 2010
the last day @ Trinidad
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vacation @ Trinidad is like what i usually do in New York City

sleep, eat, playing wii, internet/facebooking..

yea, it kinda bored but very relaxing.

these 2 days, we got up around 7/8am
& go for a morning walk around the neighbor

and then, morning swim!

it was so sunny during the time we swim,
&that why i got so much darker ;(

after 1/2hr of swim,
go back to the house to shower & nap :)

the green cup?
it was lime juice for me to drink during swimming ^^

nap till 4pm & decided to go out for a evening walk
because it is my last day @ Trinidad.

behind me,
is Mr.Chin Fong's cute little white house :)

try to do my favorite Mario's jump!

the neighbor
the coconut tree,the flowers,those white house, swimming pool
which i really like :)

try to sneak in to other's garden
but the fountain stone almost fell off while i lie on it
that is scary.

i still don't really undertand why they built this fountain for

i love how Trinidad houses always have so many different colorful flowers& plants
yesss, franklin, you're right.

I looked at this photos,
& it really look alots like Malaysia.

i missed Malaysia's ramli burger so much
can't wait to go back & eat all those street foods!

entering to a park, where it has a big empty grass
& swing facing the ocean!

definitely the best swing view i ever have!

just hoping the swing wont broke and i fall into the ocean

the breezy ocean wind is so comfy&relaxing ^^
i want my future house have the stall locate right above the ocean too...

thanks you, astroboy.

i enjoyed every lazy day i have in Trinidad, with you & your family.

awwww love this!
haven't played these for a really long time

what is there not to smile if you can act like a kid again
& play in the playground :P

so much fun.

simply adore this photo.
especially the very green grass behind me
& the cute little thing that i played with on my hand

my very own photographer just great, isn't him?

sitting near the swimming pool,
chit-chat a little
talked back about the last Trinidad trip we have

it was a nice day, perfect night ;)

especially while we get to go out for a cocopine icecream together.

OFF to Tobaco in 1 hour.
3hr boat ride to get there.
i hope i won't have boat-sick =(