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Tuesday, July 27, 2010
i wish we can do this again
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the day before i went away to Trinidad.

i missed it real bad

i wish, i wish, we can do this again

the very hot weather might sweat me badly
but i don't care as long as both of us smile so real so happy

never thought that we can get a chance to eat dollar dumpling in the park together
it was tasty
actually, simple foods always our favorite regardless we always ate in expensive restaurant

sitting in the playground area
eating dumpling
enjoying the wind
looking at the bird the tree

i enjoyed it very much.

"higher, higher..!"
i shout like a kid, asking for more push from u

i love the swing.

the higher i got, the more scare i am

but i know,
he will always got my back.
it is nothing to afraid about, right?

playing the swing together,
making fun of each other
the dizziness we have

is all worth it.

at night,
wandering on the street like 2 lost kid trying to looked for the park is an adventure

& i kept screaming "it so beautiful" right after i saw Hudson River

sitting with a bunch of family&kids,
watching Cloudy MeatBalls

we truly were still a kid inside of us ;)

surprise me with my favorite luncheon meat smiley dinner box is the highlight of the night

thanks you =)

do more often if you still have chance, pls?

the night scene of Hudson River is breath-taking
the lighting, the wind, the people like us enjoying the walk near the river

always love a moment like this.

with someone that matter to share with,
to walk with,
to talk with,
especially, to hold hand with.
the perfect ending of the night.

lying on the grass together,
i lie on your chest,
i know your eye was looking at me,
we talked about everything,
we looked upon the sky, the star..

this is our night,
that held us stronger, together.