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Friday, July 16, 2010
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Kirby G's stress-free* smilesss is back! :D

This lovely lady Ms.Phibbie requested me to be there 1 hr early
she said she have something special for me :)

awww such a cute bag when she take it out

i am actually real excited and wonder what it is...


she home-make me a special PHOTO-MEMORY BOOKLET :)
so cool so awesome

the book was full of our outting/photos journey
&her lovely writtings ^3^

no kidding,
the book was huge.
more than 20 pages for sure!

... i wonder how long she take to make this?
she gave me this duper cute/adorable bracelet!

on it,
it craved, " True Friend Stay In The Heart"
awwww that honestly make me wanna cry ;(

i am very very very happy.
&this cute bracelet will now on be wear every day =)

Dear Ms.Phibbie ;
I truly wanna say,
Thanks you a million billionsss!!
It was such an awesome yet very warmth & cutest gift a friend ever gave me.
I am happy, not because you give me a bracelet.
It because u treat me like one of your best friend,
& give in so much effort to make me a memory book.
It was a thought that i appreciated very much
& will remembered in my heart, forever.


such a full of joyfull/smile-ness/laughter/love's night with my girlfriends!

for a long time already,
i haven't have such a great girlfriend night.

I don't need much friends.
Because i'll only need 1 or 2 good friends to be near with,
& that is all it really matter.

I felt really lucky to have so many of you guys.
I sure are the luckiest girl in the world,
because i have true friends that i love& love me back.

I wish we can always do this.

I wish this not just a farewell dinner.

I wish we can be friends and stay together forever.

spot the 5 polaroid instax camera on the table?
we sure are the cutest group in the store!

thanks you guys,
for making me such a happy gal tonight :)

I wish,
time could stop right now.