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Thursday, July 1, 2010
Happy 2nd Month :)
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time flies so fast...

it already were our 2nd month anniversary


almost time for me to leave...

sorry, i know it stress u out a lots.
it stress me out too.

mr.chin fong is wearing my gift for him as 1st month anniversary gift.
and we both wearing club monaco's.

aww so cute :D

build-a-bear from him.

aww he is wearing i love ny hoodie
super adorable!

told u, i knew it was a bear haha

oh, & the card is very cool too, as u said.

i love it i love it i love it :)

it was so comfy-cute-hug-able*

thanks astroboy ^o^

pls don't let the fact that i leave soon take away your smile

if we meant to be together, we will.

okay dokey?

just let it flow, and be happy okay.