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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
chicken noodle soup!
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finally, the stress go away...

special thanks someone, a million billion!
i am serious. & i meant it

having such a long bad trip this noon
travel back&forth Manhattan and Queens couple times is really exhausting
anyways, at least i get the thing done.

lately sometimes,
i wish time could stop right now.

couple more days later,
everything will change.

& i am so not ready for it yet ;(

Chicken Noodle Soup homemade by Mr.Astroboy
awww ;D

according to what he said,
he been start making this soup since last night around 3pm.

awwwww ;)
it my first time trying chicken broth soup,
&it taste super yummylicious ^o^

thanks for keeping ur promise & make it happen.
at night,
having dinner with Ms.Carmen & her lover Mr.Guy

i somehow love this photo ;P
so cute so real so natural

@ St Mark Thai Restaurant.

love the lighting,decoration,interior.

will definitely post more food/restaurant/outting photos in next couple post!
stay tune.

Hey dumb kid,
you still got that big pump on your nose

Awww how adorable ;)
it was really joyful hanging out with u guys tonight.
thanks for the laughter&smiling-ness ^^

& i will miss u guys really badly too!

you too.
don't stress too much over me, okay?
smile every single day like u do now
even after if i am gone.