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Monday, June 14, 2010
thai food
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another relaxing evening.

walked around union square
shop for family's birthday gifts
went to 2nd avenue.

supposedly eating Japanese food,
but it closed on monday

so we been walking back&forth looking for Thai Food.
so thankful that his phone have internet that allow us to search for it :)

small cute cozy Thai cuisine restaurant,
address is 123 Lubrow Street.

love the atmosphere there!

always happy when we get the near-street view's seating

a candle on the table
i think it romantic in a way
haha :D

Appetizer - Fried Fish Cake $6

always a must-to-order for Thai food
the fishcake is okay
but the sauce is what make the difference!

super yummmy ..
i want more :(

Pad Thai Noodle.

another must-order noodle.
it supposed to be spicy!!

...disappoint with this noodle that come out so sweet :(

Green Curry with Beef, &white rice.

the curry is a bit sweet again.
&the beef just alright.

supposed to be a great night,
until somebody i cared so much in the family kinda kept me worry :(
i have faith in him,
i just wish he can get over the "rebellion period"
&grow up & stop making me so worry.