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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Monday, June 7, 2010
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this blogger is getting darker & darker
friends say i look like an african gal now :'(

summer, i still love u more than winter

went to Mitsuwa @ NJ yesterday for the Gourmet Food Fair

we both got real excited when we see the food stalls :D
oh cuz we're super hungry too

although it is a long line for Takoyaki
but so worth it because it taste so yummm!
&it cost only $7

i actually miss this part the most.

sitting in the bookstore,
looking and making fun of those cute cooking jap bento book
enjoying the comfy sofa and cold air condition
reading through the free trendy magazine

only if we can have a cold tasty drink there with us,
it will be super super awesome!

aww i think the last time i saw carmen's older sister is 2 years ago
while we're all in Hong Kong for summer trip

anyways, congratulations too!
we finally graduated yay :D

aww how cute :D

but hey,
u both gotta stop stealing my pose
right babe?

double date actually is kinda fun.
with foods and fun friends,
i called it a good day!

after Mitsuwa,
we decided to walked to 5th avenue from 42nd st again*

this mirror is so cool mad funny lol

we gotta watch the cheap Broadway show next time okay?

so, lets end this post with one of my dumb&favorite pix of that day