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Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Lunch time @ Mario's
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a nasty raining wednesday..

always heard of many good restaurant around Hell Kitchen

the neighborhood is not what i imagine...

my lunch is great!
although we overbudget AGAINNN***

Mario's Trattoria

a small, cozy, wooden restaurant.

so, this is my food partner.

life is getting better&better while u find that someone to accompany u do whatever u like

i totally enjoyed your company :)

besides a food partner,
yea...he is my own photographer too.

totally a huge add-up points for you, to me.

oh yea, i was totally starving for food at that moment,
wondering if the foods will come out sucks or tasty?

color of brown everywhere in the restaurant.

oh, i love the bathroom actually.
very clean, fresh smell and cute unique decorations

Appetizer - Baked Clam $9

not bad, except that i dislikes the brow stuff on top

Pizza of Margarite $6

so thin and crusty

Pasta with Clam Sauce,white wine $13

favorite food!
so tasty, and the clam is super deliciious.
the wine/sauce give it a special flavor that make me finish the whole plate :)

you asked, why am i treating you extra nice today?
the truth is,
because u looked extra cute today.

haha :D

no matter how much we have ate,
we always ordered a dessert to give it a happy ending.

the tiramisu might looked ugly,
but it actually doesn't taste bad.

today is a happy a day.

i have a delicious lunch, with a great boyfriend.
& bought my favorite 50mm lens.

so yayy i can take more kirby's favorite macro style :)