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Friday, June 25, 2010
i'm back!
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finally back from Las Vegas!
4day3night trip with family was exhausted cuz it involve alots of walking

anyways it was totally worth going for once!

in my word,
Las Vegas is...
HELL in afternoon
HEAVEN in night
cuz it was so beautiful and gorgeous

no wonder it is a sin city.

let's see what i miss the most from Las Vegas
& i will post more photos next time :-)

definitely miss the night crowd&tourists walking around the sin city,
like we do.
& amazed by the colorful awesome building surrounded.

i miss Planet Hollywood's miracle shops.
the indoor decoration was so cool
and a lots of shopping stores.

yesss, it truly a breath-taking, very beautiful city.

although i keep complain about all those walking,
but i really am glad tat i been there.

it open my eyes.

my beloved family.

thanks daddy for being the boss :)
my daddy rocks!

no matter how many argument we have during the trip,
i still love you guys for sure ^3^

xoxo, lets stay forever together :)


i do miss u during the trip.

hey you,
thanks for the little bag that put under my house before i fly to Las Vegas
the halls candy for my sore throat
the medicine for my sickness
the coco cereal as my snack
& cute and very sweet written card :)

u did the same thing last time while i fly to florida,
and u did the same thing again this time.

it is super sweet of you.

xoxo, thanks for everything.