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Saturday, June 12, 2010
Great Girlfriend's day
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as my fb said, it is such a great gal's day out :)
totally adore it
& wanted for more.
but too bad Ms.Juju is going back to hong kong tomorrow :(
so i guess, see u in HK!

Julia - Yeeki - Phibbie - Kirby (Me)
they're so fun to hangout with
so easy going/easy-talking with cute humor sense that kept me non-stop laughing!

first, we meet at Bleecker St for lunch.

we talked about sex&the city 2,
we discussed that we wanna go Maldives and Fiji,
we mentioned about which movie is good,
& we was joking about having rats&cockroachs in our house ...

passed by this cute "Popbar"& say i wanted to try it!
i assume it is a gelato icecream stick.

definitely a must-try since i never have gelato before :D

so each of us bought one with different flavor.

the price kinda surprised me, bcuz it abit pricey :(
the left one without topping cost $4.50
mine and phibbie's pistachio each cost $5.50

only worth trying once.
because it melt way too quick before i actually enjoyed it.
endup the chocolate was melting all around me on the floor after 10mins.
so not cool

later, went to 42st, the gal's favorite Japanese bookstore.

I ordered a Earl Grey tea $3.00
smell real good, but non-sugar add at all :P

oh yea, finally a good photo with Ms.Yeeki :)
&whoooooa my skin is so much lighter under the light
how cool

lucky Ms.Phibbie bought 2 magazines that we can share&read

so wanna shop after reading those magazine lol

tea, desserts &magazine.

this is my ideal high-tea noon session
only with the gals :)

so relaxing.

ha you're so cute.
this gal msn me last night & just said "love ya" to me
i was like, what happened??
she replied:"nothing, just wanna say love ya all of a sudden!"

aww so sweeet :D

background is times square park, i guess it was the awesome very old library next to it.

so astroboy, we need to come for a walk here next time okay?

then, we walked from 42st to 34st for dinner ^^

went to this famous korean chicken place called "Kyo Con" @ 32st
we ordered both spicy and non-spicy.

since their air-condition broke,
so everyone got free-unlimited soda!

too bad,
i was supposed to drink beer with Yeeki actually!
&i endup ordering free ginder-ale

the dinner is filled with laughing&teasings :)
we played games.
&i was too nervous & they kept laughing at me lol
&then i have a revenge. I WON at the end.
yay :D

Hey Hun,
have a safe flight back to HK tmr.
& we will hangout more there!
miss you =)

nothing much, just playing with the 50mm :)
yea, i am very in love with the blurry background.