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Thursday, June 17, 2010
good food day =)
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totally a very good day ^^
bcuz it is all about good foods&shopping!

after last night's Thai dinner,
we both craving for more Thai's!

so we went again for lunch at my neighborhood.

oh, this tiny restaurant is so much tastier & cheaper too!

This fried fishcake only cost $7
and the sauce is duper yummy!

Seafood Pad Thai

more spicy, less sweet.
loves all the seafood they put there.

after that, we went to Broadway, Soho to shop for family's gifts

first stop, Bloomingdale's Dales.

couldn't find anything nice,
but i got free cute tiny pink cupcake that taste mad sweet ><"

so yea,
i just realized i do looked the same as the penguin above

yay finally cheap blue cardigan from h&m :)

&bought a cute zara's navy skirt for sister bday ^^
i pretty sure she'll like it.

very dumb,U-G-L-Y & awkward,right?
opps sorry

actually, we just trying to compete with ms.carmen&mr.guy's pose

next time,
fours of us should really do this pose together.
it will be so freaky fun :D

after soho, we walked to 2nd avenue, Clinton St for dinner.
it is a very comfy nice fun walk :P

it is a Japanese cuisine, named Sachiko's

one side of interior design.
i think another side will be more romantic.

love the Japanese sushi maker there,
bcuz they take time to make the sushi
which turn out very tasty :)

we requested for a garden seating.
tiny & cute & comfy with the green plants surrounded.

the boss who pay the bill, & me :)

love your choice this time.
very satisfied!

finally, sushi came!

i order eel avocado cucumber special roll
& his favorite spicy tuna

oh well,
very fresh & tasty!
the best eel sushi i ever have actually.

my entree- fried tempura udon

love love lovesss the fried tempura!!
yes, again..
the best tempura i ever have too.

but the udon just so-so = ="

his entree- Fried Pork Cutlet

2 different type of cooking of pork

i thinks it taste good :)

oh well, he finished it all.
so yea it is good!

oh but the salad on the side too salty.

this the reason that turn my hyper the entire night.

cute leaf pin and clip earring from yard sale :)
2 for $10

can't wait to wear it! xP

to my dear best sister :)