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Monday, June 28, 2010
dinner w my lovely frens
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finally a day out, shopping & walking around Soho with astroboo :)

i think this such a cool picture ha

long time no see, my old lovely friends ^^

dinner at this new restaurant located @ Spring St

fall in love with this place the moment i walked in

simply my favorite style of decoration

served with small plate of salad with strong vinegar flavor
not bad

the Caesar salad have different unique dressing too

this restaurant is very special.
it all served with bread on bottom, and different meat on top.

this is salmon tartines.

i usually don't eat salmon,
but this is so tasty & i ate one eventually

this my favorite.

it look&taste like tuna
but it is duck actually according to what the waiter told us

this bread is more harsh and crunchy

i think we ordered 6 plates, 1 Ceasar salad & 3 fresh squeeze juice

they all taste so yummmmmmmy ;P

another favorite plate.
it is ham.

great ambiance, tasty foods and lovely friends!

thanks for rocking my night :)
& miss you all.

have a safe flight Mr.Cheney and see u in HK soon :D