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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010
been busyy-ing...
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been busy-ing lately
lots of walking, sight-seeing new york city
hanging around with friends
wandering on the streets
reunion dinner with Uniqlo peeps

so tired
so fun
so not bored :)

so yea
he is the one been stealing me these day
ha :P

such a cool very vintage new york style building

again, walking from 14st to 23rd,
then to 34st is mad exhausting :/

finally try out famous Shake Shack @ 23rd

...the line always long

not really my favorite burger tho :(
cheese fries suck too ugh

SUMMER of NYC is so absolutely beautiful

a day that he decided to cook for his family.

Thanks mr.chin fong :)

this Spanish dinner is tasty ^o^

especially this totally home-made Caesar Salad!

Friday, 04june2010

belated birthday lunch with mr.ken
@ Lombardi Pizza at Soho Spring Street.

this supposed to be the #1 pizza in New York City.

SORRY, i don't think so.
because i am so not a fan of super thin pizza & the mozzarella topping.

Saturday. 05june2010

old Uniqlo peep Nayda's farewell party
aka Uniqlo Reunion Dinner*
@ St Mark, Zen.

aww i think i do miss Uniqlo,
especially these fun crews :')

been hanging out more with this cutest couple lately

feel like the old friendship is taking it to another level.
not bad, i start liking it :D

been explore the city too much these day.

if only we can escape to somewhere else,
how great will that be?