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Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Barbeque @ Jones Beach
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this is summer.
one of the must-do list during this season
Barbequeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @ the beach!!

first time being to Jones Beach,
a 20minutes ride from new york city.

i thought the beach will be ugly and dirty like all new york beachs were
but i was wrong.

the beach was so pretty and the sea is clean i assumed

thanks Jun for buying all those foods&chips&everything
& driving us there =)

gosh, this pix is real cool
my favorite fishball with the real blue-sky background
goshhh so cooooooool one more time

ever since i got on the car
i been nagging and exciting about the chicken wings

after 1 or 2 hr of barbeque-ing this chicken wings
it finally cooked
while i was about to enjoy it,
the heavy wing blow it and it drop on the sand!!

=( so not cool

then i am too tired to wait for another 1 hr for another chicken wings
so i give up

so it endup, i didn't ate any chicken wings at all!!!

this is mr.jun and his cute little gf who currently studied in QC for master degree

i liked this photo alots :P

SHRIMP is so good
it became my favorite food today
but i still don't dare to eat the shrimp head

2 couples having piggyback ride fight.
so cute :D

i miss my own piggyback ride prince at that moment :(

so, couple days ago,
i saw marshmallow in supermarket&
i keep wanted to eat
&bbq come to my mind on that moment.

so wow finally i can eat it today!
yay :D so tasty!!

another favorite pix of the day.

it give u a thought of escaping to somewhere real nice, near the beach

live the life,
enjoying the moment
(that what come to mind when i see this pix everytime)

yea, again..
i am wishing a beach getaway :)

Group Pix!

most of them from Queens College,
and i don't really know 3 of them.

Ha who cares
i still enjoying the day ^^