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Sunday, May 23, 2010
i miss the chicken wings,bun and frozen yogurt
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such a long day mad exhausted now

have lots of fun helping mr.frank doing his photoshoot with a cute gal

such a cool experience to know how it feel like before becoming a real photographer

i remembered,
i used to wear this oxford shoes every single day last summer while working in uniqlo
&everyone love this shoes ha :)

so after hiding this shoes in closet for a year
it is time to wear it again yay

sorry guys i still love my floral socks haha

well actually i wanna say,
yeah new bag again
=P ha

thanks someone actually ^^

you supposed to stop me from keep wasting money
not pushing me to become a total shopcoholic

so yeah he is mr.frank ;)
thanks alots!
it was blast of fun being your assistant during the photoshoot

so, remember what you promise me okay?
once you become a real photographer,
and you'll hire me as your real assistant
haha =) i wish it so too.

oh yea thanks mr.chin fong for this photo
I love it soo sooo much
and another one too :D
i'll post it next time

finally,after a long long day
dinner @ Yummy Noodle

after 2 years of never come in to this restaurant
i think i fall in love with their foods now

Crab Congee with a real whole crab in it
so cooooool

peking duck bun is sooo good always, and pricey too =(

oh gosh
another real favorite chicken wings !!

now i am starving all over again
i am serious ughhh

love pinkberry!
the new pomegranate juice on original frozen yogurt is heaven!

yes, i want it now again too =(

another candid shot by mr.frank

hey you silly boy who wandering on the street whole noon today
sorry about that

you're real silly haha

so goodnight, pls dont sleep late again :)

oh yea,
i broke my favorite prime 50mm lens
sad, very sad =((
so, daddy can you buy me a new better one?
pl pl pl plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss
*not you sugar daddy* lol