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Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Picnic & House Warming
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it is been a year.
to picnic with my favorite friends since last summer

this is an old picture from last year, summer time
a big group of us went picnic @ Central Park

most of us changed.
well, i mean the way we dress or look

but still, we're the fun,crazy groups that always have load of fun together :)

i miss old times, again :(


thanks mr.cyrus mok for organizing the event for me
i appreciate it alots

Roosevelt Island (can take by F train)
such a beautiful place with awesome view
river,bridge,green grass,flower,river side walk,BBQ place, etc...

i always thought i know new york city
but lately, it been like so many random new places that i never been to before

i think i fall in love with the city more&more everyday

i bought eel sushi
and cyrus & yan bought the rest

awww thanks ken!
he bought each of us a cute CUPCAKEs by Starbucks
so sweet of him
oh true!
we are always such a lovely great group!
oh well, missing some other people who couldn't make it that day

we spent like 2hr taking photos and playing around
and finally reach the end of the island

a group pix with my cam remote control :D

at night
went back to Queens to have house warming dinner @ kris's new house
such a cute neighborhood
such a lovely new house

aww i am jealous
i wish my house in the future will be very cute too :)

Papa John & Domino's & Pizza Hut's PIZZAS at once
so cool ^o^